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Residential real estate in demand in Florida Keys

Florida stands out as an area where real estate remains in high demand, particularly in the Florida Keys. Here, residential real estate prices appear to almost be back to the levels witnessed in 2005 in many areas. In addition, luxury houses are especially being sought after.

The average price for houses valued at more than $2 million and sold in the Upper Florida Keys was over $2.5 million last year, and it was almost $2.30 million in 2012. In 2014, homes for sale in the area ended up being sold in just 260 days -- fewer than the nearly 500 days experienced in 2012. This is the fastest they have been sold since 2005.

Residential real estate market in South Florida strong for buyers

The South Florida market appears to be a ripe place for home purchasing over the next 12 months. Recent residential real estate market research indicates that more than 25 percent of people in Miami-Dade, Palm Beach and Broward counties who purchased homes during the past 10 years are prepared to shop for a house again. About 28 percent of them said that they were highly likely to buy new homes; this is a huge jump from last year, when the figure was just 9 percent.

More renters in the area of South Florida are also gaining the confidence needed to buy houses. In fact, the confidence level among renters appears to have grown more quickly than that of existing homeowners. This may be because renters are tired of constantly increasing rents, and they consider homeownership to be more stable in the long run.

Florida commercial real estate development may feature condos

The development of land is often a complicated process, with the developer having to consider whether the new development will generate profits in a particular location. One significant commercial real estate market development taking place in Florida is a high rise featuring 358 units. The high rise in St. Petersburg was originally planned to be used for rental apartments, but the developer is now exploring the idea of converting the building to a condominium.

In St. Petersburg, the 17-story building currently under construction, known as 330 Third, is being seen as ideal for conversion to a condo because of its water views. The building also is being designed with amenities and finishes one would find in condo apartments. The building, being developed by American Land Ventures, offers several advantages, such as being close to a business district and major employment centers. The area is also known for its golf courses and beaches.

Florida residential real estate remains hot among investors

Florida remains a popular state for real estate investment with enjoying a slice of the Sunshine State being a part of many Americans' dreams. Florida residential real estate prices peaked in 2006, right before the Great Recession struck. Although Florida's fall was one of the hardest in the United States, the state's real estate market is now growing stronger.

Several areas of Florida are being touted as some of the best areas in which to invest. For instance, Atlantis, Hialeah Gardens and Lauderdale-by-the-Sea are top areas for flipping homes --  which is essentially renovating and selling homes quickly for a profit. Other areas that may be attractive to investors due other to factors, such as affordability, increasing home values and low unemployment rates, include Miami-Dade County, Bal Harbour and Homestead.

Home sales strong in residential real estate market in Florida

South Florida started off the year strong in the real estate sector, and the market is expected to continue flourishing as the spring season draws near. One specific part of the residential real estate market that saw robust growth was the market for home sales. On the contrary, the South Florida condo market saw somewhat of a dip in sales in January.

Sales of single-family houses showed sturdy growth during the month of January, while sales of condos and townhouses went in the opposite direction. The dip in the condo and townhouse arena was by a little more than 7 percent from last year. However, condo prices are still on an upswing; the media price for one condo/townhouse in South Florida increased by a little more than 5 percent, reaching over $144,000.

Commercial real estate market has positive outlook in Miami

The real estate market in Florida continues to remain hot at the start of the new year, but one area that is drawing special attention is the Miami-Dade region. The commercial real estate market in this area appears especially promising. The outlook regarding the region's market for office space, in particular, is positive, due in part to steady employment growth, as well as brand new office developments.

The average office vacancy in the area was actually expected to fall last year to just under 15 percent. However, this is still much higher than the average of a little over 10 percent cited before the recession that began in 2008. Commercial deals are possible today because Miami area is drawing a large amount of capital from investors who are well-informed about the market.

Florida commercial real estate market rebounding

During the Great Recession of 2008, the residential market plummeted throughout the United States, including in Florida. This, in turn, caused Florida's commercial real estate market to go south as well. However, the state's commercial market has since turned around and appears to be on a huge upswing.

Lending in the commercial real estate market crashed by a whopping 90 percent during the recession. As a result, commercial construction experienced a huge decline. Home sales also saw a decline after 2006 but not as much, only because lenders backed by the government received money to prop up residential sales in the midst of the housing market crisis.

Residential real estate home starts on rise in South Florida

Housing continues to draw interest in South Florida, where the number of housing starts has increased over the past couple of years. This is positive news for people who are interested in purchasing residential real estate property. It is also welcome news for home builders hoping to make sales and generate profits this spring.

The number of housing starts back in 2014 in Palm Beach County reached more than 2,000 -- an increase of 3 percent from the year 2013. Starts in Broward County increased by 7 percent to more than 1,190. These figures include duplexes, townhomes and single-family houses.

Florida features condo deals in residential real estate market

Imagine the possibility of purchasing a luxury condominium in South Florida complete with two bathrooms and two bedrooms overlooking a pristine golf course. Then imagine purchasing this slice of paradise for just $1. This is a possibility in today's Florida residential real estate market.

Multiple condos are currently listed for $1 to just $900 in the area of Palm Beach County. It may be appealing to those who want a winter getaway spot or simply wish to retire to a warmer climate in the near future. This is especially true because the condos are known to possess clear titles, be immediately habitable and clean, with the added bonus of not having unreasonable condo fees.

Residential real estate market thriving, drawing more agents

An increasing quantity of sales and rising prices are just a couple of signs that the real estate market in Florida is rejuvenated. Yet another sign of the success of Florida's residential real estate market is that more people are becoming real estate agents. The increase started in 2012 and has been growing since then.

Last year, more than 24,100 people were able to pass the Florida state licensing test to become sales associates. This was a jump of 36 percent from 2013, and it is the largest increase since 2009. Class sizes shrank drastically during the most recent recession, but they are bouncing during this period of recovery.