Blog Posts in November, 2013

  • Florida men convicted of loan modification scam

    In today's economy, homeowners are often looking for financial assistance in a variety of ways. As real estate prices have fluctuated across the country, and unemployment rates have become more of a factor, homeowners are turning to options that can help alleviate some of their burdens, such as a loan modification . Two Florida men were recently convicted of charges related to defrauding ...
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  • Florida expanding condominium association services to homeowners

    Moving into a new condominium in Florida often means that you need to register with a condominium association . A condominium association can be beneficial in a variety of ways including community safety, development of common areas, and assisting in disagreements between tenants. In a recent move by the division that monitors condominium associations, timeshares and mobile homes, homeowner ...
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  • Florida homeowners still face high threat of foreclosure

    Earlier this year, the state of Florida was leading the country as number one in the amount of foreclosures. While other states may be close behind, Florida still has that title for the largest percentage of completed foreclosures and threat of foreclosure . Even so, the amount of foreclosures have dropped. Over 100,000 homes have gone into the foreclosure process just within the last year in ...
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