Blog Posts in March, 2015

  • Residential real estate in demand in Florida Keys

    Florida stands out as an area where real estate remains in high demand, particularly in the Florida Keys. Here, residential real estate prices appear to almost be back to the levels witnessed in 2005 in many areas. In addition, luxury houses are especially being sought after. The average price for houses valued at more than $2 million and sold in the Upper Florida Keys was over $2.5 million last ...
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  • Residential real estate market in South Florida strong for buyers

    The South Florida market appears to be a ripe place for home purchasing over the next 12 months. Recent residential real estate market research indicates that more than 25 percent of people in Miami-Dade, Palm Beach and Broward counties who purchased homes during the past 10 years are prepared to shop for a house again. About 28 percent of them said that they were highly likely to buy new homes; ...
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  • Florida commercial real estate development may feature condos

    The development of land is often a complicated process, with the developer having to consider whether the new development will generate profits in a particular location. One significant commercial real estate market development taking place in Florida is a high rise featuring 358 units. The high rise in St. Petersburg was originally planned to be used for rental apartments, but the developer is ...
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  • Florida residential real estate remains hot among investors

    Florida remains a popular state for real estate investment with enjoying a slice of the Sunshine State being a part of many Americans' dreams. Florida residential real estate prices peaked in 2006, right before the Great Recession struck. Although Florida's fall was one of the hardest in the United States, the state's real estate market is now growing stronger. Several areas of Florida are being ...
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