Blog Posts in May, 2013

  • Florida homeowner facing foreclosure after making early payments

    America is a place that many seek as a destination for launching social mobility. One man immigrated to Florida from Haiti in pursuit of a better life. He currently works as a bus driver at Walt Disney World, saving his paychecks to provide a better life for the three children he has with his wife. The man makes hard work and diligence a habit. It was these qualities that aided the man in ...
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  • Short sale: a viable alternative to foreclosure in Florida

    We have blogged both about how hard many Florida families were hit in the housing crisis, and how home sales are finally beginning to increase across the state once again. However, there are still scores of residents that toss and turn at night as they contemplate how to get out from under the possibility of foreclosure that is facing them square in the face. Nationally, an estimated 14 million ...
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  • Estate Planning: Living Wills and Health-Care Proxies

    Making your medical wishes known through living wills and health-care proxies now can save a lot of heartache later. A living will (also known as an advance medical directive) provides your loved ones instructions to help them make the hard decisions they face when you can't tell your doctor what you want yourself. It provides your desire for the kind of life-sustaining medical intervention you ...
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  • Heated words stalled negotiations in Florida real estate dispute

    A real estate dispute became heated over the sale of Channelside Bay Plaza. The Tampa Port Authority must give approval on real estate transactions for this property because the port owns the land on which Channelside Bay Plaza sits. Without such approval, progress is stalled. The Liberty Channelside partnership of two entrepreneurs is looking to gain ownership of the property, which would mean ...
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  • Florida Supreme Court signs plan to tackle foreclosure backlog

    In a recent post, we discussed how Florida foreclosure rates remain high. Unfortunately, Florida has maintained one of the highest foreclosure rates across the entire nation since the economy started to plummet. With estimates of 400,000 pending foreclosures, and three-year projections forecasting an additional 700,000 foreclosure cases arising, there are thousands of homeowners in Florida in dire ...
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  • Millions to be dispersed across Florida from foreclosure abuse settlement

    Home values reached all-time highs in the years before the Great Recession. In 2008, the housing crisis affected many people all across the country, including many in Florida. Many people lost their homes to foreclosure . However, it was later discovered that a number of banks were engaging in unsavory practices such as "robo-signing" in which documents were signed off without anyone reading them ...
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