Blog Posts in March, 2014

  • Commercial real estate market still promising in Florida

    Developing land in anticipation of creating a totally new building may be an exciting endeavor for a company. However, land development also might involve several hurdles, particularly if both parties at the negotiating table have different ideas of what should happen. Nonetheless, if a business in Florida is willing to face these challenges head-on, it can take advantage of promising commercial ...
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  • Commercial real estate transaction involves Florida strip mall

    When a business is sold in a Florida community, the effects can be positive and far-reaching. However, the process of getting to that point may be complex and overwhelming to those involved in the commercial real estate transaction if they lack the proper guidance and do not understand the law. One Florida business owner recently sold his company for a profit -- a transaction that will have many ...
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  • Florida a site for commercial real estate transaction growth

    With spring around the corner, many businesses are embracing new opportunities to break ground and grow their enterprises in 2014. In Florida, breaking ground can be challenging, however, due to the many aspects of a commercial real estate transaction that have to be negotiated and properly addressed. Many companies were able to successfully complete these deals in South Florida, which is becoming ...
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  • Florida commercial real estate growth stifled by strict lending

    Going through a commercial real estate transaction can be exciting when progress is made, but it also can be frustrating when things don't go as planned. Disputes are one of the biggest roadblocks to a successful commercial real estate deal, and prolonged negotiation is often necessary to attempt to reach a solution that both parties agree on. Currently, another major roadblock in Florida appears ...
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