Blog Posts in February, 2014

  • Commercial real estate transaction rate could increase in Florida

    Developing land can be an exciting venture, allowing one party to create a building that can generate profits and positively contribute to its bottom line. However, amid the excitement that comes with commencing such a project, it is natural to face a myriad of challenges. For instance, the party may find it challenging to see eye-to-eye with another party during negotiations related to the ...
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  • Real estate dispute involves Florida Native American site

    Imagine a huge eyesore of a sight. Then, imagine a large hotel and movie theater being erected in this spot. To most people, the construction seems like a productive use of the space -- one that will benefit consumers and the local economy alike in Florida. However, in a recent case, the "eyesore" sight is a prehistoric village of the Native Americans, thus sparking a real estate dispute . The ...
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  • Commercial real estate deal could lead to 300 new Pensacola jobs

    When attempting to construct a brand new facility, a variety of hurdles may crop up. For instance, coming to an agreement with city officials on a commercial real estate deal can be challenging in some cases. In Pensacola, however, plans for a new $37 million project appear to be moving forward and should end up bringing hundreds of jobs to the area. The work is being done at the Pensacola ...
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  • Foreclosure assistance arrives, but too late to save the home

    Over the past few years, the economy in Florida, as well as the rest of the nation, has been slowly recovering from a period of high unemployment and a downturn in the real estate market. These two factors played a large part in the foreclosure problems that many began to face. Many individuals and families began to search for foreclosure assistance . Some individuals and families began to look to ...
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  • County, cities in $150 million real estate dispute in Florida

    In Florida, a huge battle is taking place between many cities and Broward County over public real estate and money valued at $150. The issue revolves around the fact that many cities claim that the county owes them millions of dollars after they had paid money into the countywide system for garbage disposal during a 25-year period. The county disagrees, so formal mediation may be necessary to ...
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