Blog Posts in November, 2015

  • Florida's residential real estate market makes strides

    In Florida, the real estate market appears to be making a comeback. In fact, today's residential real estate market in the Sunshine State is unlike what real estate and land development professionals have seen in the past. The state is growing so much that it is expecting to get a whopping 300,000 new residents next year. One big game changer this year includes a generation of people who are ...
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  • Residential real estate booming in Northeast Florida

    South Florida has developed a reputation for having a robust housing market, but it is not the only part of Florida where the housing market is booming. Northeast Florida's residential real estate market is also continuing to improve and draw the interest of homebuyers. This area witnessed a 10 percent rise in sales during the month of October, compared with the same period last year. More than ...
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  • Residential real estate communities drawing buyer activity

    Florida's real estate market continues to be robust this fall, with the TwinEagles development particularly drawing strong sales activity. This residential real estate community, which is under development by The Ronto Group, features three new neighborhoods that are generating solid homebuyer traffic. These neighborhoods are gated and offer views of nature preserves, golf courses and lakes. The ...
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  • Residential real estate market professionals optimistic

    The confidence in the real estate market remains high in Florida. A recent survey showed that professionals involved in the residential real estate industry are extremely optimistic about the market and have not been this optimistic since 2006. People in the field expect rents and occupancy rates to stay steady through the rest of 2015. Back in August, a total of 24,000 residences were sold in ...
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