Blog Posts in December, 2014

  • Residential real estate prices rise in 2014 in South Florida

    Selling a home in South Florida this year has proved to be the most profitable it has been in recent years. This is because residential real estate prices have been increasing in this part of the state, thus enabling homeowners to finally escape burdensome mortgages. This may be good news for South Floridians who are interested in selling their homes in the near future. In the fall of 2014, more ...
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  • More cash being used to buy Florida residential real estate

    In Florida, cash is king when it comes to buying homes. Over a million fewer mortgage loans exist in the state's residential real estate market today compared with several years ago. This is due to foreclosures as well as short sales that occurred while the recession was taking place. The number of mortgage loans decreased from over four million in 2007's third quarter to a little more than three ...
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  • Residential real estate market remains strong in Central Florida

    The central part of the state of Florida continued to experience a real estate recovery this year, and the same positive results are expected for 2015. The residential real estate market is currently considered to be the perfect market for sellers. However, buyers in 2014 witnessed an increase in the total amount of inventory available. Home buyers had over 30 percent more homes from which to ...
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  • Residential real estate demand in Florida grows among snowbirds

    When winter weather is bad in the northern part of the United States, real estate brokers in Florida are cheering. This is because the snow and icy wind is driving more people south, which positively impacts the state's residential real estate market. In particular, cold weather typically motivates pre-retirees and wealthy buyers to visit the Sunshine State more frequently or to remain in the ...
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