Blog Posts in April, 2014

  • Water Club commercial real estate development is popular

    Developing land can be a complicated process. A developer often takes into consideration several factors, such as whether or not a new development will be profitable in a certain location. The developer also may be confronted with challenges when trying to negotiate the commercial real estate deal with city officials. However, these risks often appear to be worth taking in Florida, where high-end ...
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  • 2 commercial real estate properties sold in South Florida

    Selling and buying a property in Florida can come with many difficulties. This is because the world of commercial real estate can be complex, especially if multiple parties are involved. Both sides may hit a brick wall, for example, when trying to negotiate during the real estate transaction. However, being prepared for each stage of the deal by understanding the law can help a person to overcome ...
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  • Commercial real estate market booming in South Florida

    During the Great Recession, some of the most depressed areas of the United States suffered from a scarcity of jobs and a dying real estate market. Since then, many parts of America have rebounded, and South Florida is no exception. Statistics show that now is a prime time for developers and real estate buyers to take advantage of commercial real estate opportunities in the Sunshine State. ...
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  • Multi-family housing commercial real estate deals promising

    The multi-family housing market is on the upswing in Florida. For a while now, the main focus has been on single-family homes in the state. However, many of these inexpensive homes are now being bought up, and apartment complexes are taking center stage. When working to construct a new building in Florida or engage in a commercial real estate transaction, the process can be complex and ...
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