Blog Posts in June, 2014

  • Southwest Florida a hotspot for residential real estate

    If people are looking for potentially rewarding real estate deals, Florida remains a top choice, according to recent data. Specifically, Southwest Florida’s residential real estate market has been heating up this year. A major indicator of the state’s high status in the industry is the fact that two major markets have a supply of finished new homes that aren’t expected to last two weeks. These two ...
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  • Residential real estate demand booms in Florida's luxury market

    Florida appears to be a magnet for those who enjoy high-end homes these days. Recent data shows that the state’s residential real estate market is making a huge turnaround. In fact, the quantity of houses purchased for a million dollars or more during the first three months of 2014 was higher than the number purchased during the same period last year in the Palm Beach area. The increase was 16 ...
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  • Commercial real estate outlook makes some gains in Florida

    Although the commercial real estate market looks promising in Florida, some aspects of the market are faring better than others. For instance, commercial real estate such as traditional offices is not gaining the momentum one would expect. Meanwhile, the industrial real estate field has made dramatic gains. Historically, a recovery in the housing market positively affected the traditional office ...
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  • Residential real estate transactions involving condos drop

    People who are interested in the townhouse and condo market in Florida may find comfort in knowing that the inventory remains strong. This is because this past winter in the southern part of the state was the worst season for townhouse and condo resale transactions during the past few years. Several factors have played a part in the decline in residential real estate transactions involving these ...
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