Blog Posts in August, 2014

  • Florida residential real estate market offers promise

    When an individual is attempting to purchase property in Florida, the process may be complicated and even overwhelming at times. This is especially the case if the parties on both sides have different ideas about what a property is worth. However, buying residential real estate may be one of the best moves a person chooses to make in our state at this time. It appears that now is a stellar time to ...
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  • South Florida's residential real estate market is still hot

    Florida’s blazing housing market experienced a cool-down between April and June. However, the state’s market remains relatively strong when compared with markets in other parts of the country. South Florida, in particular, is looking promising in the residential real estate market. Single-family homes in the area of Fort Lauderdale and Miami had a median price that rose more than 7 percent earlier ...
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  • Six commercial real estate buildings to be sold in South Florida

    A huge property sale -- one of South Florida’s most expensive deals – is currently in the process of being completed. This is just another indicator that the state’s commercial real estate industry is soaring. The large property sale involves a portfolio of six buildings for more than $340 million. Terranova Corp., which is based out of Miami Beach, and Acadia Realty Trust -- its investment ...
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  • Commercial real estate development to replace roller coaster

    Developing land with the goal of erecting a new building can be both exciting and challenging. For instance, the parties on both sides of a commercial real estate transaction may find it difficult to mutually agree on certain terms of the deal. A new development in Florida is on the way and is expected to take the place of a long-time roller coaster in the state. That wooden roller coaster is ...
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