Blog Posts in April, 2013

  • Housing market shows signs of improvement in Florida and beyond

    While the housing crisis created financial hardships for a lot of people in Florida and beyond, signs of improvement continue to emerge. Home sales increased nearly 20 percent in March compared to last year. In addition, home prices were up 15 percent from March 2012. The median home price in Florida last month was $160,000. The biggest issue right now in the housing market is that there simply ...
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  • Ways to Take Title to Real Property

    When a buyer is purchasing a home in Florida there are numerous matters to consider prior to closing. One extremely important matter which is often not given enough consideration is determining how to take title to the property the buyer is purchasing. Factors such as asset protection, taxation and estate planning needs must be considered in determining the best way to take title to the property. ...
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  • Residents say 11-story condominium is simply too big

    Residents in one Florida city are concerned about plans to build an 11-story, 22-unit condominium. People are so concerned, in fact, that they have formed a group called the Residents for Responsible Growth. Their biggest concern is that the condominium will be too big for the plot of land where it will be built. Despite residents' worries, the site plan development permit was recently approved. ...
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  • Florida foreclosure rate remains high

    Owning a home is a significant accomplishment. Many people spend years saving up enough money to become a homeowner. In recent years, the homes that so many people have worked hard to own have been taken away from them because of their inability to keep up with their mortgage payments. Sadly, many Florida residents remain at risk of losing their homes to foreclosure . According to RealtyTrac, ...
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  • Buying a home may be more advantageous than renting

    There was a 7 percent increase in the number of vacation homes purchased in 2012. Destin readers of this blog may remember our discussion of that topic last month. As the housing market has picked up it appears more people are interested in buying a home, and there is evidence that people in Florida and others living elsewhere may be better off buying a home rather than renting one. According to ...
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