Blog Posts in July, 2014

  • Commercial real estate such as condos rising in Florida

    Commercial real estate in Florida these days is on the rise, literally. Condo skyscrapers are expected to be in greater demand in the state, specifically in the Southwest Florida commercial real estate market. This is because inventory is tightening and the economy is improving. One development group called Ronto Group has begun to market a project known as Towers at Bonita Bay, which involves two ...
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  • Recovery of residential real estate market in Florida is unique

    Although real estate took a major dip during the recent economic downturn, it is rebounding. This is particularly true in the state of Florida, and it is especially true now in the northern part of the state. Residential real estate sale prices, combined with the quality of sales, have gone up in most sectors. The recent recovery appears to be the most atypical recovery reported over the past ...
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  • Florida residential real estate market drawing foreign interest

    Florida’s current real estate market isn’t just attracting local people and individuals around the country. The residential real estate market in the Sunshine State is actually putting the state on buyers’ radar worldwide. The state captured more than 20 percent of international purchases in the United States recently, researchers said. Foreign buyers are highly interested in the United States in ...
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  • Short sales dropping in Florida's residential real estate market

    Florida is well-known for being a hot market for buying second homes, as people often enjoy vacationing in the state. However, this may be part of the reason that the residential real estate market in Florida ranks highest in the number of short sales nationwide. Short sales transactions involve selling a home where the amount of money owed on the mortgage is higher than the home is worth. The ...
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  • Florida real estate dispute involves 16-acre property

    A major legal battle is occurring in Florida between one couple and a city over a piece of property. The issue revolves around waterfront property spanning 16 acres, which is connected to the restaurant that the couple owns. This legal real estate dispute has already lasted six years, and it doesn't look like it will be resolved anytime soon. The family had hoped to turn the piece of land into a ...
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