Blog Posts in July, 2013

  • Florida town, county involved in boundary line dispute

    Obtaining permits in Florida can sometimes be a tricky business. It often involves jumping through several hoops, but if there is a boundary line dispute that puts these permits in jeopardy, it only further complicates the process. That appears to be the case in a debate involving Manatee County and the town of Longboat Key over a piece of land known as Beer Can Island. Longboat Key takes ...
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  • Commercial real estate lease dispute closes popular Florida grill

    After serving their patrons for 12 years at their location in front of Plaza Royale in Gainesville, a popular Florida grill shut down unexpectedly on the second Sunday in July. The cause of the closing appears to be a commercial real estate lease dispute. The grill's landlord claims the restaurant was short on its rent on two months prior to the closing. The restaurant, on the other hand, claims ...
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  • Real estate dispute a 'win' for all Florida property owners

    Florida property owners may be interested to know that the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled in favor of increased protections for property owners against abusive federal, state and local governments. The ruling specifically targets property owners who need permits in order to improve existing structures or develop vacant land. The ruling comes as a result of a recent real estate dispute case that has ...
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  • Florida island embroiled in real estate dispute over restrictions

    There's an interesting situation regarding a Florida island that was developed largely in the 1960's and 1970's and is known as Marco Island. The developers devised numerous deed restrictions for the Florida island to maintain its integrity and property values, apparently by preventing unwanted commercial development. Marco Island is like many private developments overseen by homeowner ...
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  • U.S. Supreme Court rules on Florida real estate dispute

    A real estate dispute can arise over many different issues. However, the most heated real estate dispute of all is often one between a landowner and the government. Whether the disagreement is because of an easement, imminent domain or the refusal of a municipality to issue permits, the dispute can go on for years before a resolution is found. This was exactly the case for a Florida man whose ...
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    So you have retained an attorney to litigate your dispute, and now the attorney is saying that you need to mediate the case. What does this mean? Mediation is an informal settlement process. Typically, the court or the parties will select a mediator. The mediator is usually an attorney from the local area or an attorney with knowledge of the area of law involved in your case. Mediators must be ...
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    People are often confused by the terms "living" trust and "revocable" trust, but the main thing to know is that both terms refer to a trust that can be changed. It is a "living trust because it is established during the lifetime of the Grantor (defined as the person who is making the trust), and it is usually for his or her benefit. It is "revocable" because it can be changed at anytime during the ...
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