Blog Posts in December, 2015

  • Restaurants strong in Florida commercial real estate market

    The commercial real estate market continues to show promise in Florida, particularly in Palm Beach County. One aspect of the commercial real estate market that is especially promising are restaurant properties. This is because increased demand combined with rising prices is attracting many different types of eateries. Demographics in the area -- a heavy middle class and high-end class -- are ideal ...
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  • Florida residential real estate attracting foreign buyers

    The real estate market in Florida remains hot as 2015 draws to a close. Residential real estate is drawing a great deal of attention in Tampa Bay. One investor who is especially interested in this area is an entrepreneur from the eastern part of the world, named Bo Wu. Wu and the limited liability companies tied to him have bought a minimum of 37 residential properties in cities such as Tampa and ...
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  • Florida residential real estate market seeing fewer foreclosures

    Florida remains on the list of the top five states as far as foreclosure rates go. However, it has hugely improved from the mid-2000s, which was a dark time for the state in the area of foreclosures on residential properties. Not just Florida, but rather the entire nation, has witnessed an improvement when it comes to the residential real estate market and the number of foreclosures. Recent ...
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  • Luxury residential real estate market thriving in Florida

    In Florida, particularly Miami Beach, the luxury real estate market is flourishing. Those who purchase residential real estate here are considered to have the cream of the crop in the industry nationwide. This is based on research on the market for 2015's third quarter. In the third quarter, luxury houses sold for about $6.3 million on average. This is nearly 12 times the average price of a ...
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  • South Florida's commercial real estate market reaches milestone

    The real estate market in South Florida recently reached a milestone. The 50th and 51st condo buildings erected east of Florida's Interstate 95 during the current real estate cycle that started in 2011 were completed in November. This shows that the commercial real estate market is continuing to flourish in this part of the state. The 50th condo building is part of phase two of a project featuring ...
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