Blog Posts in September, 2013

  • Florida threat of foreclosure may be lifted for 10,000 residents

    When someone's Florida house is deemed "underwater," it doesn't refer to its proximity to beachfront property. Instead, the term is used to refer to residences with mortgages that are higher than the properties are worth. For homeowners in this predicament and who are unable to keep up with their monthly house payments, the threat of foreclosure becomes all-too-real. Fortunately, that threat of ...
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  • Florida law may guard against threat of foreclosure for some

    During the height of the housing market, many background checks on potential buyers were missed due to a high amount of closings being conducted. Now, lenders may be facing backlash for approving mortgages before checking the marital status of most applicants. Florida has a homestead law that protects homeowners and their homes from threat of foreclosure in case the only spouse that signed the ...
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  • Tips for buying residential real estate in Florida

    With the economy and real estate market back on the upswing, many people in Florida are looking to buy. When it comes to large purchases such as homes, people can be hesitant and not quite sure how to proceed. Whether a person is buying a primary residence or an investment property, there are some things to look out for when purchasing residential real estate . The first thing to remember is not ...
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  • Florida homeowners face threat of foreclosure

    Florida is known for being at the top of the list when it comes to foreclosed homes. The unemployment rate may have begun to decline, but foreclosures still continue to rise. In the last couple of months, the Northeast part of Florida has been at number one for foreclosure. As more time goes on, more homes are in threat of foreclosure . In Florida as a whole, one out of every 328 homes went into ...
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