Blog Posts in January, 2014

  • Possible problem with recent residential real estate purchase

    It is possible that a recent residential real estate purchase in Florida is problematic or illegal, as uncovered by a recent investigation. It is suggested that the residential real estate purchase benefits an officer of the court, which could be a cause for alarm. It seems that the attorney aided in the purchase of a home that was for less than it is actually worth. The property was owned by a ...
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  • Some Florida foreclosure assistance sounds too good to be

    Over the past few years, housing foreclosures have been a topic of concern for many Florida families. While great strides have been made in ending the foreclosure crisis, there are still a number of hurdles to overcome. The current economy and unemployment rate are definitely central factors in the foreclosure equation. With the increased concern over foreclosures, a number of foreclosure ...
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  • Florida town embroiled in easement dispute over cell tower

    An easement grants permission for an individual or company to use someone else's property. However, it is sometimes the case that the easement holder has plans for the property that others disagree with. Such is the case right now in one Florida town. Residents of Bradenton Beach gathered at a recent commissioners' meeting to try to resolve an easement dispute regarding a proposed cell tower. ...
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  • Threat of foreclosure shakes economies of Florida cities

    Being able to pay one's mortgage is something many people take for granted. The threat of foreclosure has affected multiple families in southern Florida. These people have lost their security, and the city has experienced a collapse in the housing market. Several suits have been filed by one Florida city against some major banks for illegal lending practices. These cases have taken a close look at ...
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