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Possible problem with recent residential real estate purchase

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It is possible that a recent residential real estate purchase in Florida is problematic or illegal, as uncovered by a recent investigation. It is suggested that the residential real estate purchase benefits an officer of the court, which could be a cause for alarm. It seems that the attorney aided in the purchase of a home that was for less than it is actually worth.

The property was owned by a woman who was deemed to be incapacitated. She was taken into the custody of the state and placed into their guardianship. At that point, the property was to be sold. A local Florida attorney, the same one placed in charged of selling the home, later purchased it. It is thought that the attorney purchased the home for much less than it is worth, calling into question the ethics and validity of the purchase.

In fact, when the Florida woman vacated the home, it was supposed to be sold and the money used to offset the cost of her care after she was unable to care for herself. An attorney and legal guardian was placed in charge of selling the home, but it has come to light that the house was never properly placed on the market. In fact, there is also a question of whether the legal guardian played a role in the sale of the home, thereby short-changing the incapacitated woman.

The legal guardian and the attorney could be in legal trouble for their role in this seemingly questionable residential real estate transaction. While they have not been charged, there may be evidence to prove that there were problems with the sale of the home. A further evaluation of case evidence will determine exactly what happened and what options the original owner and her family may have.

Source:, I-Team: Experts say court-approved sale was below market value, Adam Wasler, Jan. 24, 2014

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