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County, cities in $150 million real estate dispute in Florida

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In Florida, a huge battle is taking place between many cities and Broward County over public real estate and money valued at $150. The issue revolves around the fact that many cities claim that the county owes them millions of dollars after they had paid money into the countywide system for garbage disposal during a 25-year period. The county disagrees, so formal mediation may be necessary to resolve this real estate dispute situation.

Broward County has been maintaining the assets of the garbage disposal system since it disintegrated in 2013. However, 18 cities have decided to sue the county over these assets. Nearly three months of talks have taken place in an effort to resolve the dispute, but representatives of the cities said that the talks have been unproductive.

The cities, amid a push from the county to avoid litigation, have decided to engage in mediation with the county. The county argues that liabilities such as the cost of maintaining landfills exceed the value of the land, so there is no amount of money left behind to distribute to the cities. However, the cities argue that the garbage disposal system indeed still has millions of dollars' worth of land and cash and that the land should be sold, with the profits going to the cities.

A real estate dispute in Florida may be hard to resolve if both sides cannot see eye-to-eye and consider their views. However, achieving a mutually agreeable resolution still might be possible through the process of mediation. Becoming familiar with real estate law can indeed help an individual effectively pursue his or her best interests while striving to reach a comprehensive and fair solution with the other party.

Source: Sun Sentinel, Broward, cities, fail to settle trash money dispute, Brittany Wallman, Jan. 17, 2014

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