Blog Posts in December, 2013

  • Florida nursery chooses foreclosure alternatives -- bankruptcy

    As most Florida readers likely know, becoming underwater in debt is an all-too-common, unfortunate situation. Even though the economy has improved in recent years, many consumers and businesses are still fighting their way out of debt. One of the most challenging aspects of debt for many is facing foreclosure -- if they are unable to meet their mortgage, loan or other payments successfully. For ...
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  • Florida court ruling for residential real estate property issues

    A recent ruling by the Florida Supreme Court could help many homeowners and homeowners associations that may be experiencing problems with their property. While courts typically used to rule in favor of the buyer beware attitude when it comes to real estate, this new ruling regarding the infrastructure of the community, which provides what are deemed essential services, will help make developers ...
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  • The threat of foreclosure still a problem in Florida

    According to some reports, the amount of foreclosures that are waiting to be dealt with in Florida are at an all-time low since the real estate crisis began some five years ago. At first glance, this appears to be good news. However, a closer look reveals that the threat of foreclosure is still a reality for many Florida homeowners. Some analysts believe that the new law that seeks to expedite ...
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  • Florida residential real estate property issues with a sinkhole

    A Tampa Bay family is currently suffering through the uncertainty of dealing with a sinkhole under their home. The family has reported that the stress of dealing with the sinkhole has even caused health issues. While there are many residential real estate property issues that a homeowner may face in Florida, it seems that sinkholes are becoming a common occurrence in the area. One of the biggest ...
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  • The threat of foreclosure: Florida slow to help homeowners

    Certain states are being hit harder by foreclosures, and Florida is one of them. However, many of the states that are experiencing high foreclosure rates, are not spending the millions of dollars set aside to them by the federal government -- money that is intended to assist homeowners facing the threat of foreclosure . In fact, the federal government has set aside $7.6 billion in its Hardest Hit ...
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