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Some Florida foreclosure assistance sounds too good to be

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Over the past few years, housing foreclosures have been a topic of concern for many Florida families. While great strides have been made in ending the foreclosure crisis, there are still a number of hurdles to overcome. The current economy and unemployment rate are definitely central factors in the foreclosure equation. With the increased concern over foreclosures, a number of foreclosure assistance programs have presented themselves.

While there are legitimate foreclosure assistance programs available, there are a number of fraudulent ones that prey on desperate homeowners. One key detail is that there is no guarantee that an assistance program will prevent foreclosure. Additionally, if the foreclosure assistance program recommends that the homeowner not talk with their lender, there is reason to be concerned. Many housing experts state just the opposite. A homeowner who keeps the lines of communication with the lender flowing stands a much better chance of working out an agreement.

Another foreclosure assistance device that has become popular is the forensic audit. After payment of an initial fee, the specialized auditor will look through your mortgage paperwork in hopes of finding errors. Of course, no assistance program can guarantee that foreclosure can be avoided.

There are many legitimate foreclosure assistance avenues for the Florida homeowner who is facing the possibility of foreclosure. There are also questionable assistance programs whose main goal appear to be to collect fees from an already struggling homeowner. Florida homeowners who are facing the possibility of foreclosure may find that some guidance is necessary to help them wade through the alternatives available to them. It makes sense to tread carefully, and the best place to start may be to seek help in vetting the legitimacy of any assistance program before making any agreement to proceed.

Source:, Facing foreclosure? The 'forensic audit' is no easy fix, Mark Huffman, Jan. 17, 2014

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