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Real estate dispute involves Florida Native American site

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Imagine a huge eyesore of a sight. Then, imagine a large hotel and movie theater being erected in this spot. To most people, the construction seems like a productive use of the space -- one that will benefit consumers and the local economy alike in Florida. However, in a recent case, the "eyesore" sight is a prehistoric village of the Native Americans, thus sparking a real estate dispute.

The situation involves archaeologists and real estate developers, who remain at odds over the best use of the Miami property. The question is whether the remains of Native American society should be preserved or whether the area should be revitalized. Proponents for constructing new buildings in the area say this will help to make the city great.

The buildings slated to be developed in this prime real estate area, valued at about $25 million, include a hotel with 34 stories as well as condos and a theater. Opposing archaeologists estimate that about 2,000 individuals once took residence in the Native American village that may end up being replaced, and the site is worth maintaining for historical reasons. Similar Native American sites are being uncovered in other parts of the United States as well.

When two parties can't see eye-to-eye concerning the development of a particular property in Florida, a real estate dispute is inevitable. However, knowing the complexities of real estate law can help both sides to seek out a resolution to the conflict. At the same time, they can try to come to an agreement that is as just and comprehensive as possible considering the circumstances surrounding the case.

Source:, Native American Site Leaves Miami in Quandary, Christine Armario, Feb. 17, 2014

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