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Residential real estate remains top target for investors

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Many investors throughout the world who have high net worth are ready to invest in real estate properties, and properties in North America -- including those in Florida -- remain on their radar. When it comes to residential real estate as well as commercial real estate, more than half of private bankers and wealth managers recently surveyed said they expected their clients to boost how much money they allocate to real estate during the upcoming five-year period. Just nine percent of these respondents said they expected their clients to trim their investments in real estate.

Residential real estate appears to be the most in-demand area for investors. More than 70 percent of managers of wealth are expecting clients to purchase residential properties. In addition, it is expected that over half of clients will keep hold of the properties they have already purchased.

However, a large number of land development parcels are also expected to be purchased in the near future. In fact, land used for development ranks second in popularity among investors. Retail appears to be least popular among investors who have high net worth. Many of the investors interested in North American properties are from areas of the world such as Asia Pacific, the UK and Africa as well as Latin America.

North America, and particularly Florida, remain a target for investors looking for promising residential real estate and commercial real estate investment deals. Those interested in completing a real estate deal, however, may end up failing if they do not take the proper steps at all parts of the process. An applied knowledge of real estate laws may help these individuals to structure their real estate transactions in a way that enables them to meet their unique goals.

Source:, "High Net Worth Investors Hungry for Real Estate, Survey Finds", Elaine Misonzhnik, June 25, 2015

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