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Homeowners association members will vote on proposed development

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Many Floridians have likely been a part of a homeowners or condominium association at some point. Residential associations can be very beneficial for homeowners as they protect property owners in numerous ways.

A group of homeowners in South Florida will soon be approached with a proposed change to a portion of the property included in their development. According to a report from the Sun Sentinel, equity members of The Club at Boca Pointe approved the sale of 14 acres of Boca Pointe land to an outside group. The Siemens Group, the proposed buyer, would use the land to develop townhouses.

In order for this sale to be finalized and for the development to occur, the homeowners who are members of the Boca Pointe Community Association will have to vote and approve the proposal. A primary issue that the homeowners must consider is that the land is currently zoned for recreational use, but would need to be re-zoned for residential use. In order for the development to be approved, the homeowners must agree to send a proposal for a zoning change to the county.

A general manager of Boca Pointe Community Association explains that the proposed development would directly impact approximately 950 homeowners, who will all be able to vote on the matter. In addition, the residents will have the opportunity to meet with the developer throughout the process.

While the opportunity for homeowners to weigh in on this development is positive, homeowners in situations similar to this may feel as though the protective purpose of their association is being compromised when this type of proposal is made. As homeowners associations are complicated and may involve detailed legal issues, working through these situations with an attorney could be very beneficial.

Source: Sun Sentinel, "Land Sale at Boca Pointe could mean new townhouses," Marci Shatzman, Feb. 27, 2013

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