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Coffee maker brings new business to Destin

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Destin-area residents may have heard about the recently-opened coffee shop in Destin: JumpinGoat Coffee of the Emerald Coast. The coffee shop is located at 505 Mountain Drive, Unit M and offers customers many coffee choices. When any new business opens, customers may be curious to know what makes this new business unique.

The new coffee shop in Destin includes roasting facilities, which allows the owner to create special blends for customers. The owner explained, "One of our secrets is our on-site Renegade Roaster." This type of specialized coffee roasting equipment is likely a significant investment for a business owner.

The location a business owner decides to lease for his or her business is also often a serious investment. The cost of leasing the space and the length of the lease might be important factors for a business owner to consider before signing a lease. A business owner, like the owner of this new coffee shop, will likely want a commercial lease agreement to be clear and secure. Business owners have a lot of time and money invested into the space where the business is located, so having a problem with a lease agreement later on could be a disaster.

A business owner could encounter difficulties when setting up a lease agreement. The last thing a business owner would want is to lease space for his or her business only to learn several months later that he or she must leave the space because of an unforeseen situation. Having a clear and detailed legal lease agreement could prevent this type of unexpected eviction.

Working with a real estate attorney knowledgeable about the details of leases for both commercial and residential properties could be very beneficial.

Source: The Destin Log, "A new business is brewing in Destin," Laura Hall, March 8, 2013

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