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Plans underway to transform vacant building

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By June, the Renaissance building along U.S. Highway 98 in Destin will have been transformed. That's because plans are underway to renovate the vacant building. In fact, work has already begun on the building.

The building will consist of retail space and townhomes. Those in charge of the renovations say the interior is being completely redone. The exterior will also be remodeled. The building will officially be called Village Harbor Townhomes.

There was a time when the building was the host of lots of activity. However, as it sat empty, the building was vandalized and squatters took up residence. In just a matter of months, work on the building will be complete. City officials are excited about the project, but some wonder why it has taken so long.

"It's a great location," one Destin councilman said.

There are 10 units in the building. The bottom will consist of retail space. People will be able to rent townhomes on the top level. Rental units will cost people $1,350 per month. Retail space rentals will run $900 a month.

Once the work is complete, the owners of the space will be eager to get tenants moved in. In situations like this, legal professionals can be quite helpful. They may be able to move along the process by drafting, negotiating and reviewing lease agreements. Because so much work will have been done on the building, it will be important that lease agreements are completed and done so in a manner to prevent problems from arising in the future.

Source: Northwest Florida Daily News, "Retail, townhome space coming to Destin harbor," Matt Algarin, March 16, 2013

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