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Commercial real estate for restaurants booming in Florida

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When a city's population grows, there is a good chance that the development of real estate in the area will follow. A commercial real estate development boom is currently taking place in two Florida cities: Fort Myers and Naples. In fact, these cities are a couple of the fastest-growing municipalities in the United States and thus are prime areas for the development of restaurants.

There is currently a huge population growth and more disposable income in these areas of Florida as a result of job creation. This is causing prime real estate for restaurants to be in high demand. A lot of this growth is taking place along major commercial corridors.

Corners are especially in demand since many have signals, which is where potential clients have to stop and have the opportunity to look around. Corners additionally offer easy access. Although visibility is especially important for chain restaurants, small restaurants can still be successful in areas such as established plazas. Although rents and leases are increasing in cost due to the increased real estate demand in these parts of Florida, the rental/leasing costs may be offset by the growing traffic expected from customers.

Florida appears to be a wellspring of opportunity for investors who are interested in commercial real estate. A commercial real estate deal, however, can be complex due to a wide range of factors, including zoning and taxes. An applied knowledge of the law may help people to successfully seal the deal and thus be on their way to launching potentially successful businesses in the Sunshine State.

Source:, "Estero, Fort Myers see restaurant real estate boom", Anne Reed, April 2, 2015

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